Interested In ATO?

If you’re looking for a place where you belong, a place to have fun, and a place where you can grow and develop in meaningful ways with like-minded individuals, ATO is that place.

But more than a place, Alpha Tau Omega is an opportunity. It allows you to be part of something much bigger than a college experience, a brotherhood that makes a difference and a brotherhood with a strong values-based foundation.

Since 1865, Alpha Tau Omega has been a provider of amazing opportunities. More than 200,000 men have become ATOs and taken advantage of an experience that is like nothing else.

As America’s Leadership Development Fraternity, ATO provides a great opportunity for young men who are looking for a truly unique fraternity experience.

Interested In ATO?


What Is ATO?

  • Top Tier Division-1 Fraternity

    ATO gives you the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, and to be a part of a Top Tier fraternity. ATO is among the top 10 fraternities in all the right categories. ATO has the programs, resources and membership network to make your ATO experience a positive one, for life.
  • To bind men together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity; to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over should stand together and contend for supremacy of good over evil; to teach not politics, but morals; to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found; to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the outlines of the world: these were the thoughts and hopes uppermost in the minds of the founders of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.
  • The ATO Story

    Founded on Sept. 11, 1865 in the aftermath of the Civil War, ATO is the first Fraternity founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, rather than greek principles. Three Virginia Military Institute cadets saw the pain and anguish caused by the war and decided to act on the opportunity to create an organization that would help heal the wounds of the Civil War and re-unite the nation.

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The ATO Experience

Imagine being part of a brotherhood of highly motivated and intelligent men who will encourage you when you need it, carry you when times are tough, and build you up to unleash your potential. "As iron sharpens iron," ATO challenges you to be better than you were yesterday.

Alpha Tau Omega is known as America's Leadership Development Fraternity because of our strong emphasis on preparing our members to be leaders on their campus and in the community. Over the past year, ATO donated more than the equivalent of $8.1 million to philanthropies and communities, holding true to the creed of ATO: “to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the outlines of the world.”

The ATO Experience


National Programs

We believe that members should have the opportunity to grow as individual leaders and create their own college experience. To accomplish this, the National Fraternity hosts several programs and that promote and recognize strong leadership development.

  • Altitude

    Altitude provides ATO members the opportunity to spend a week in the Colorado Rockies backpacking and climbing to an elevation of over 14,000 ft. More importantly, it enables participants to develop their decision making processes and their vision, morals, and integrity. Altitude focuses on teaching undergraduate members what it takes to be a servant leader, discussing the deeper issues of life pertaining to faith and values, and preparing them to become ambassadors of positive change.

    See photos from the latest Altitude trips on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    ATO Flickr Stream - Altitude

    For more information about Altitude, contact Director of Expansion and Lead Facilitator Bobby Grangier at
  • Leadershape

    The LeaderShape Institute provides participants the opportunity to develop their values-based leadership skills. Developed and implemented by ATO, attendees spend a week in a retreat setting, with small groups called family clusters. Here they learn team building, goal-setting, and collaboration skills. Participants leave the institute with a vision, complete with action steps and measurable goals. LeaderShape is regarded among higher education professionals as one of the top leadership development institutes in the country.

    See photos from the latest chapter-based Leadershape sessions on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    ATO Flickr Stream - Leadershape

    Find out how Leadershape started as an ATO program on For more information about the Leadershape Institute, visit

  • The success highlight show, ATO Roadshow, provides individuals and chapters the opportunity to be recognized in a quick, powerful way with video segments of events and programs to help provide ideas and show the positive impact of the Fraternity.

    Check out the latest video highlight video of ATO Roadshow from this past fall:

    See photos from the latest ATO Roadshow visits on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    Visit to view individual posts from our chapters. You can also check out the video archive for past event highlights.
  • Emerging Leaders Conference

    Nine days. Nine cities. Nine conferences. The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) series is designed to strengthen and embolden the leadership capabilities of your new brothers. ELCs provide support and ideas, helping members shape the future of their chapters and the entire Fraternity.

    See photos from the latest Emerging Leaders Conference on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    ATO Flickr Stream - Emerging Leaders Conference 2013

  • There are few extracurricular activities that are as challenging as they are rewarding than chapter president. To better equip these men to lead, ATO provides extra training to chapter presidents, giving them the best opportunity to succeed in the most important leadership position within the chapter.

    See photos from previous Presidents Retreats on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    ATO Flickr Stream - Presidents Retreat
  • Alpha Tau Omega Congress

    This year is particularly momentous as ATO celebrates its 150th anniversary. A great deal has changed since 1865 and you can see it clearly evidenced with the 'Ruh Rah Roadtrip' in the video below. This video highlights the scope of what ATO has become as it spans the furthest reaches of the country all while creating even more buzz about the 150th Celebration.

    Every 2 years, this 3-day convention provides the opportunity for alumni and undergraduates to network and connect with one another while recognizing and celebrating the successes of ATO chapters and individuals nationwide. Through additional educational programming and notable speakers, attendees learn from the best. Cutting edge technology - including a live-stream feed for non-attendees - makes ATO Congress one of the most interactive and unique experiences ATO has to offer.

    See photos from the latest ATO Congress on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    ATO Flickr Stream - ATO Congress
  • Virtual Training

    Virtual Training
    ATO gives its members the best opportunity to stay informed through the use of the latest technology. ATO is the first and only fraternity to offer virtual consulting as a viable resource for member training and on-demand consultations. Staying in touch with chapters and growing expansions and colonies is crucial to the health of our organizations, and the National Fraternity is committed to keeping connected with members in ways that are relevant to them.

    See photos from the our latest virtual training sessions on Facebook or the Official ATO Flickr Stream.

    ATO Flickr Stream - Virtual Training
  • Life Loyal Tau Logo
    Life Loyal Tau

    ATOs have the opportunity to stay connected to the National Fraternity and expand their ATO network through membership in the Life Loyal Tau program, a worldwide alumni association.

    The strength of Alpha Tau Omega is fueled by the support of individuals like you who unite to promote its achievements. Through the years, Taus have elevated themselves while living The Creed and have helped create a lasting impression as the Founders intended. From Otis Allan Glazebrook to Taus yet born, the Life Loyal Tau membership is the best way to show your appreciation and support and take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Alpha Tau Omega.

    Find out more about Life Loyal Tau at To see a full listing of ATO brothers who have committed to making their ATO experience Life Loyal, check out the Life Loyal Taus page.
  • The ATO Foundation

    Founded in 1935 by a $5,000 gift from Erskine Mayo Ross, one of the Founders of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, the Alpha Tau Omega Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Alpha Tau Omega has been entrusted with an important and influential role in the lives of its young men. It honors this trust by providing educational programs and scholarships of the highest standards.

    Each year, the ATO Foundation award more than $100,000 in national scholarships to ATOs across the country. Among the Foundation's many scholarship opportunities are the National Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships as well as the J. Milton Richardson Theological Fellowship, the Lawrence A. Long Memorial Law Scholarship, the Authur Sailer Pharmacology Scholarship and the Richard A. Ports Public Affairs Award. All undergraduate and graduate members in good standing are encouraged to apply.

    For more information about the ATO Foundation and it's scholarship offerings, visit


Why Join ATO?

We could give you every reason to join; however, we would rather you hear from some of our undergraduate members on why they decided to become ATOs on their campuses.

  • I saw the potential that ATO could provide me, both academically and professionally. With the opportunity of being a founding father of my chapter, I wanted to be a part of something on my campus that had limitless possibilities and could affect the lives of many men long after I left my university campus. Throughout my ATO journey I have been blessed with several leadership development opportunities, a chance to network with brothers from across the nation, and meet a variety of fraternity and sorority leaders who are professionals in either other national headquarters or Greek Life coordinators at universities and colleges throughout the nation. I could not have asked for a more inspiring and supportive fraternity to be apart of and I thank my lucky stars everyday for being able to have the opportunity to be involved in something that challenges me to be a better version of myself each and everyday.

    Taylor Phoumivong
    Arkansas Tech University
  • I joined Alpha Tau Omega because I wanted to have an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on a school as large and prestigious as the University of Missouri while developing lifelong friends that I can depend on. Our chapter at the University of Missouri is still very young, What really caused me to take a serious look at ATO was the very fact that it was still incomplete. When asked, "What are the stereotypes of this fraternity?" I would tell them that there are none. We have the unique responsibility of defining our own stereotypes, good or bad. Building my own fraternity with an amazing, talented bunch of guys I would call my brothers, proved to be an opportunity I couldn't resist. Being a Founding Father of a fraternity caught my interest but what really sold me on making the final decision to pledge to ATO was the brotherhood. I looked at a lot of fraternities while rushing informally and formally. Many had great characteristics that I could see myself getting involved in. All of them had good, respectable guys. What made ATO stand out to me was the importance they placed on their brotherhood. The men of ATO takes pride in believing that each member is their equal, no matter the class or experience. As brothers in the fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, we respect each other as we would a brother of our own family. Since I have joined ATO, I have been witnessing what being a brother really means, and I look forward to help fostering Alpha Tau Omega into a strong fraternity of brothers that will last long after I have graduated from Mizzou.

    Josh Beckerle
    University of Missouri
  • I want to be a part of something greater than myself. I have never been that involved in high school or college outside of academics, and I've grown tired of simply coasting by. I know that I am better than that. Being a part of ATO means I am surrounded by like-minded men, that want not only to succeed, but will do what it takes to achieve greatness. I see these men as those that are able to stand up and take charge. They exemplify strong values, are versatile and open-minded, and are the first to help anyone in need. I not only want to learn from them, and build them up, I want to grow with them as brothers.

    Trevor Tolman
    Utah State University
  • I wanted to be a part of an environment that encouraged healthy, authentic relationships and provide a way for me to make an impact in the world around me.

    Clark Buckner
    Belmont University
  • ATO gave me a place where I could find my niche in college. I was against joining a fraternity when I went to college, but then I realized that all of the people I wanted to spend time with were members of ATO. Once that realization hit, I knew that I had the wrong idea about what a fraternity experience could be. In ATO, I found a group of like-minded men who became family. My involvement in ATO helped push me to get involved in several other organizations on campus and helped me hone and develop my leadership skills.

    Matt DeWolf
    Simpson College
  • ATO gave me to have a family, network, and support system at college. Nationally, ATO is truly a group of men dedicated to the "elevation of man". On my campus, Alpha Tau Omega is a diverse group of men that hold each other accountable to high standards, working to raise money for philanthropy, and having an active brotherhood. Joining Alpha Tau Omega is the greatest decision I have ever made in my life.

    RJ Taylor
    Austin Peay State University
  • I am so happy with my decision to join ATO. I wasn't blessed to have brothers growing up, but now that all of these great men are in my life, I know that I couldn't have chosen any better brothers. I know that we are not just a fraternity, but a brotherhood. I have already been edified by my brothers, and I cannot wait to strengthen those bonds with each and everyone of them. L&R.

    Trenidy Thomas
    Utah State University
  • I was new to campus and the guys gave me a place to hang out and introduced me to a lot of interesting people. The guys of Beta Kappa had a good time and enjoyed life to its fullest all while helping other people. Just hanging out with them made me feel like there was nothing I could not accomplish. I had only been at school for a few months when I decided to join the men of ATO at my school's chapter. During the pledging process an incident occurred with one of the brothers and he was going through a really rough time and rather than just say sorry and move on, the men of the chapter rallied around him and really showed their support for him. It was upon seeing this that I knew I had made the right decision with joining this group of men and calling them something much more than friends, brothers by deliberate choice.

    Sam Salasky
    Hillsdale College
  • ATO is a family away from home. Whenever I have a bad day, I know my brothers will be there for me to cheer me up. Whenever I make a mistake, they will be there to love me unconditionally anyway. They both push me towards, and give me the opportunities to do extraordinary things. They magnify my strengths and mitigate my weaknesses. When I am away at school, hundreds of miles from the home where I grew up, I know that my ATO family will always be there for me. Joining was one of the best decisions I could have ever made, and it has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

    Bryan Murray
    Marietta College



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Where Can I Join?

ATO has more than 140 chapters nationwide, and we're expanding to new schools each year! Look further down on this page for your state to see if there is a chapter, colony, or interest group near you. Don't see your school? Be sure to let us know below so we can get you some information about starting your own chapter.
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A chapter is an established membership of ATO that is chartered on an existing university/college campus: the opportunity to join something bigger than yourself.
An expansion is a returning or brand new establishing of ATO at a campus: the opportunity to create your own college and fraternity experience as a Founding Father.
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Your Campus Not Listed?

ATO is looking for accomplished, dedicated men who want the opportunity to create a new fraternity experience on their campus. If you’re looking for the chance to create something unique and something that stands out on your campus and in your community, then you’ve found it.

Starting an ATO chapter is a challenging and rewarding process. Nothing great ever comes easy, but, when you create an ATO chapter, you know that you are forming an organization that will leave its mark on generations to come.


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